The latest kitchen trends in 2022

Several homes throughout the world have opted for monochrome interiors in recent years, influenced by notable celebrities, a design palette which has also touched kitchens.

However, many designers eventually understood there was such a phenomenon as ‘too white,’ then there is a need to make houses seem warmer, rather then just colder.

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As a result, we expect to see a lot more variety and suitability in home decoration, particularly in kitchens, in 2022. Here are a few to think about!


Yes, golden finishes are a key trend for 2022. Gold kitchen basins, gold or bronze ceiling fittings, and gold handles are all options to enhance the overall design of your kitchen. However, you must exercise caution when installing them.

Your golden furniture should become the focal point of your kitchen, and all other elements such as cabinets, worktops, walls, and flooring should complement them. Don’t use darker colours with gold furniture. Instead, go with white marble countertops and neutral-colored cabinetry.


While the rustic concept has already been making a big comeback for quite some time, it is now here to stay. Laminate flooring and cabinetry have been replaced by rustic wood with a metallic finish. It is also long-lasting, low-cost, and simple to maintain.

The modern blend of marble, wood, and metallics adds warmth and gives your kitchen a distinct cafe-look. This is undoubtedly the trend that most residences will follow this year.


These are ideal for cutting costs on cupboards. Upper cabinets are an item that may be customised with your colourful dining tables, flowers, glass jars, mugs, and antique plate collections for broader and longer walls.

A floating shelf also helps you find things and makes your house feel more lived-in. These are particularly ideal for smaller kitchens since they make the walls appear less packed.

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Nowadays, pendant lights can be seen in almost all cafés and restaurants. They, alongside cabinet leds, are important. Install Edison lights on rope to create a DIY pendant light. Many lighting retailers sell both classic and modern pendant lights. These are installed over islands or in any spot where plating and/or cutting is required.


While a kitchen pantry will always be required, the requirement for keeping food supplies during the pandemic has increased its importance. Even if you have a tiny area, you may change the form and layout of your pantry. Kitchen larders in most homes have been modified to incorporate a pantry.

If you have more area, you may build a mudroom directly beside the your pantry. Make sure it has an external connection as well. Mudrooms are also necessary if you wish to preserve fresh fruit or cultivate your own herbs in pots in your kitchen.


Kitchen tiles is in popular, from the flooring to the walls. With such a vast selection of tiles now readily accessible, you might just get creative with colours and designs to enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. Stone slabs are dominating from countertop to ceiling, from floor to ceiling for waterfall edges, and wrapping across islands to make kitchens more sturdy.

Marble and stone are both long-lasting and easy to care for. If you have children or prepare huge quantities of food, installing a tiled countertop will keep your kitchen clean at all times.

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